Retirement Services

At Niemann Capital Management, we understand that your clients need retirement solutions for their employee-sponsored plans and individual retirement accounts. That’s why we work with advisors, third-party administrators (TPAs) and record keepers to offer four model portfolios in 401(k) plans. Whether you would use our identified providers, bundled services, or select your own service providers, Niemann allows you to offer our quality professional tactical management, ranging from moderate to aggressive risk, in your clients’ qualified retirement accounts.

Niemann portfolios available in 401(k) plans

Risk Managed (RM)

  • US-equity ETFs only
  • Moderate-to-aggressive growth with downside protection
  • Ability to move up to 100% cash to protect assets

Dynamic (DYN)

  • US-equity ETFs only
  • Aggressive growth
  • Fully invested in all market environments

Global Opportunity (GO)

  • Global equity and fixed income ETFs
  • Moderate-to-aggressive growth with downside protection
  • Ability to move up to 100% cash to protect assets

Tactical Global Bond (TGB)

  • Global fixed income ETFs
  • Moderate growth with downside protection
  • Absolute return strategy with some income
  • Ability to move up to 100% cash to protect assets

Mid Atlantic Trust Company

Niemann partners with Mid Atlantic Trust Company, a leading retirement plan custodian and trading platform. Mid Atlantic Trust’s ModelxChange® retirement plan platform enables you to use Niemann’s strategies with their bundled services solution or choose multiple providers to support your client’s 401(k) plan.

Mid Atlantic Trust’s ModelxChange® platform is one of the first of its kind to allow advisors and 401(k) professionals to seamlessly incorporate investment models into a retirement plan, all through a single interface. ModelxChange® streamlines the connection between plan, record keeper, custodian and model manager. This includes not only synchronizing the model with the plan accounts — including automatically handling specific investment exclusions — but also efficiently providing reporting metrics and all the necessary and required tools advisors have come to expect so that they can fulfill their fiduciary responsibility.

Bundled Services Solutions and Providers

Most advisors select a bundled or turnkey services solution, including a record keeper, custodian, and 3(38) fiduciary.  Selecting a bundled services solution allows advisors a simple and comprehensive way to a satisfy retirement plan’s regulatory and fiduciary requirements and responsibilities, and a complete solution to present a retirement plan and the plan sponsor.

At Niemann, we have partnered with Ready Go! 401(k) to provide Advisors with a bundled services solution for 401(k) Plans that includes the following companies:

July Business Services

  • Plan design, recordkeeping and administration

Expand Financial

  • Investment management fiduciary delegation, including 3(38) fiduciary

Mid Atlantic Trust Company

  • Plan custodian and optional trustee services