ETF Managed Portfolios

Niemann Capital Management (NCM) has been managing portfolios since 1991 with a tactical allocation discipline. We actively rotate assets into attractive medium- and long-term trends as they emerge in the marketplace.

NCM invests in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to gain exposure to industries, sectors, countries and regions that are performing in a way we believe is optimum for our clients.

5 Reasons Why ETFs Make Sense

We use a proprietary scoring system to find ETFs that have the best Risk-Balanced Opportunity™ scores. “RBO” is similar to risk-adjusted return in that it seeks to find ETFs that have potential to outperform the overall market without excessive risk-taking.

The financial community calls Niemann an ETF Managed Strategist and our strategies are called ETF Managed Portfolios.

Morningstar defines ETF Managed Portfolios as “investment strategies that typically have more than 50% of portfolio assets invested in exchange-traded funds…” At Niemann, our ETF Managed Portfolios are 100% invested in exchange-traded funds, or sometimes cash if you invest in our risk-managed portfolios that offer downside protection.

When market risks are low (known as a “risk on” environment), our ETF Managed Portfolios are typically positioned for growth. When market risk is medium, our portfolios might invest in more stable or undervalued areas. The risk-managed portfolios could also have a higher percentage of cash. When market risk is high (“risk off”), we tend to get defensive. NCM’s risk-managed portfolios can go up to 100% cash in extreme conditions.

How Niemann Can Help You

Niemann Capital Management has been analyzing funds for decades. Our analytics team monitors nearly every exchange-traded fund in the marketplace, and they continue to expand our universe of choices as new ETFs become available.

NCM’s disciplined process and robust technology can systematically evaluate virtually an unlimited number of ETFs. Our research power and Market Tested, Not Back Tested™ track record are why many successful financial advisors outsource their portfolio management to Niemann.

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If you’re an advisor, partnering with Niemann allows you to focus more on improving your client relationships, finding new clients and improving efficiencies. You might even have more time to spend with family and friends!

To learn more about our firm history, ETF selection process, risk-management discipline and long-term track record watch this video presentation.