ESG Managed Portfolios

Niemann Capital Management ESG InvestingSocially responsible, or ESG (environmental, social and governance) investments are increasingly popular with investors. In fact, 84% of millennial investors are interested in ESG—as are more than 70% of female and more than 60% of male investors of all generations. 1 Yet most advisors are not recognizing these interests among their client bases, and traditional strategies are not addressing these needs.

That’s why we’ve launched two new ESG strategies, along with tools to help you start the conversation about ESG investments with your clients.

Same proven Niemann tactical strategies, new focus on ESG issues of importance to your clients:

New Strategy Niemann Risk Managed ESG Niemann Risk Managed ESG Gender Diversity
Class Global equities Global equities
Style Active management, tactical, core, growth Active management, tactical, alternative, growth
Structure Separately Managed Account Separately Managed Account
Universe US stocks, international ADRs US stocks, international ADRs
Screens ESG ranking, Relative Strength, risk-adjusted return Gender diversity ranking, Relative Strength, risk-adjusted return
Factors Climate change, natural resources, pollution & waste, environmental opportunities, human capital, product liability, stakeholder opposition, corp. governance, corp. behavior Board diversity, executive diversity, equal pay
Downside Protection Cash/cash equivalents Cash/cash equivalents
Appeals to All generations, HNW, UHNW Women, all generations, HNW, UHNW

Both strategies are available as separately managed accounts (SMAs) on Fidelity’s Separate Account Network (SAN) today, and will be soon be released on other platforms as requested. Stay tuned for releases on additional platforms, as well for these strategies to be launched as exchange traded funds (ETF).

Download fact sheets for each strategy as well as a white paper to help you start the conversation about ESG investment with your clients.
Niemann Risk Managed ESG Fact Sheet Niemann Risk Managed ESG Gender Diversity Fact Sheet Niemann ESG White Paper

Contact us today to discuss how to incorporate these strategies into your clients’ portfolios.

1 Morgan Stanley and Cerulli Associates