Cycle of Market Emotions

Niemann Capital Management - Cycle of Market Emotions
Your cycle of market emotions, like most people, is cyclical, news and headline driven and frequently a bad guide for making investment decisions. Your emotional logic often fools you into making poor choices based how you feel in the moment. The emotional highs and lows you feel typically increase risk at market tops and avoid opportunities at bottoms, often producing undesirable outcomes. Emotional investing just doesn’t work.

Is there a better way?

Niemann Capital Management - Buy Sell Roadmap

Niemann’s strict, rules-based and repeatable process is unemotional. Our disciplined process seeks to outperform the market with mid- and long-term trends that have reasonable risk profiles. Our portfolio managers confirm up and down trends before buying or selling ETFs. As a result, we typically do not buy at the exact bottoms of trend cycles (which are impossible to detect in the moment) and we usually do not sell at the exact tops (also impossible to detect in the moment).

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