Niemann Capital Management was built on the belief that a tactical approach to investing is a better way to prosperity than settling for traditional buy and hold strategies that can go through boom and bust loops. We have been successful in navigating advisors and investors through several bull and bear market cycles, producing “Market Tested, Not Back Tested™” results that have significantly outperformed the S&P 500 Total Return Index for decades. As a result, investors have benefited and advisors using Niemann’s portfolio management services have had the opportunity to grow their practices by focusing more on servicing clients and raising assets, instead of managing portfolios.


Niemann’s philosophy is centered on tactical allocation, trend following, relative strength and strict risk-management disciplines. Our method is rules based, objective and repeatable. We invest exclusively in exchange traded funds (ETFs) to pinpoint the market’s opportunities. Our strategies are not trapped in style boxes that typically go out of favor at various phases of a market cycle. They are free to roam within their asset classes wherever opportunities may exist. We actively rotate out of weakening trends and reallocate towards strengthening areas of the market, or get defensive to protect assets when market risk becomes excessive. Our goal is to outperform our benchmarks over complete market cycles, producing results that help you build a stronger practice with committed clients.


Niemann provides eight strategies that range from moderate to aggressive risk. We attempt to go for growth when market risk is attractive or get defensive when risk is too high. Our ETF Managed Portfolios feature single- and multi-asset class strategies in global, domestic, international and emerging markets.

Some of Niemann’s strategies can serve as a portfolio’s core strategy and others procure additional diversification to an already well-structured portfolio. Depending on risk tolerances, suitability and goals, investors can choose whether they want downside protection or remain fully invested.

Downside Protection Portfolios: ETF Managed Portfolios that that can go up to 100% cash or cash equivalents to protect principal in risky markets.

Fully Invested Portfolios: ETF Managed Portfolios that remain fully invested at all times, but have the potential to rotate towards pockets of strength in challenging markets.


At Niemann, we strive to help investors achieve their financial goals and advisors build lasting relationships with solid practices. Now is the time to partner with a portfolio manager that can help you grow with market-tested success!

To learn more about Niemann, Call: 1-877-643-6222, email sales@ncm.net, or visit us on the web at NCM.net

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